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Ian Ogg

Perth Based Driving Instructor

Theory Support

We can also help with theory test support.

Perth Driving Lessons

I’ve helped hundreds of drivers pass their test.

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Learn To Drive With a Trusted Perth Driving Instructor

County Driving School is one of Perth’s longest running driving schools and providers of driving lessons Perth. I have years of experience in helping shape and develop drivers into the very best versions of themselves. I do this by creating a calm and relaxing environment for even the most nervous of drivers to learn in. 

01 : Driving Lessons

I am one of the longest running driving instructors in the Perth area. Throughout the years I have helped hundreds of drivers thrive on the roads around Perth with an exceptionally high pass rate. 

02 : Support For Theory

As you learn your theory and begin to develop your driving knowledge I will help you bridge the gap between theory and practical. I am always on hand to answer any theory questions you may have. 

03 : Supportive Teaching

Learning to drive can be incredibly nerve-wracking. At County Driving School I specialise in helping nervous pupils learn to drive in a calm, and supportive environment. 

04 : Pass Your Test

My ultimate goal is to help you become the best driver possible. I will prepare you for passing your practical test spurred on by my high pass rate. I won’t only help you pass your test but prepare you for driving beyond that. 

Driving Services

The school offers the following services for Teenage first-time drivers, new
adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses..

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Our  Driving Lessons In Perth Plans

My ultimate goal is to help you become the best driver possible. I will prepare you for passing your practical test spurred on by my high pass rate.

I won’t only help you pass your test but prepare you for driving beyond that. 

Driving Lessons In Perth

How do I  get started?

Learning to drive with County Driving School couldn’t be easier. I work alongside all of my students to find a plan of action that works for you. My lessons are flexible and can be made to work around your commitments. You can book a lesson from as little as one hour and I can even work your lessons into half an hour intervals. To find a plan that works best for you simply get in touch with me and let me know what works for you. 


1) BOOK YOUR FIRST LESSON The best way to get started with learning to drive is to take that leap of faith and get behind the wheel. At County Driving School I am used to helping drivers of all temperaments and abilities. I will start you off slowly and help you to build your confidence on the roads. I will go step by step to ensure that you have the confidence to be the best driver you can. 

2)  LEARN TO DRIVE: Many students I talk to say that working up the courage to take their first lesson was the hardest part of learning to drive. At County Driving School I will help to put you at ease throughout every driving lesson, creating an atmosphere that you feel comfortable learning to drive in. I will work alongside you to teach you everything you need to know to be an excellent driver. When you feel like you are ready I will support you in preparing for your practical test. 

3)  PASS YOUR TEST:  Passing your practical test, the moment all your lessons have been building up to. At County Driving School I have an incredibly high pass rate from all of my former students over the past 20+ years. I assure you that after learning to drive with County Driving School you will be safe and confident on the road. 

To start your journey with County Driving School and earn your independence on the road head over to my   contact section and drop me an email of give me a call. I am on hand 7 days a week to be able to help you with any questions are queries you might have. 

Perth Driving Instructor Mini

Why Choose County Driving School?

At County Driving School I understand that learning to drive is a nerve-wracking experience and often at times daunting. When it comes to taking your first steps and finding the right instructor for you the choice can often be overwhelming. Perth is home to many excellent driving instructors but this also means that as a would-be student it can be a difficult choice to find the right instructor for you.

County Driving School is my own driving school and I am the only instructor associated with County Driving School. This helps me ensure that every student that comes to me receives exactly the same level of training and development as any other. Some driving schools have a large roster of instructors and often you may get a different instructor on a lesson to lesson basis. At County Driving School I am a firm believer in delivering consistent, high quality driving tuition to each student that comes my way. For that reason when you choose County Driving School I will be the sole driving instructor helping to ensure quality and consistency. 

Ready For A Safe, Fun Driving Experience?

With years of experience teaching drivers across Perth how to drive we have helped countless students pass with great success. That being said, you shouldn’t just take my word for it. Check out some of our reviews from former students down below. 

Andy Lochtie
Andy Lochtie
I had my first ever driving lessons with County Driving School whilst visiting the Perth area - would highly recommend, Ian puts you at ease from the get go and his years of experience really shine through in his teachings!
Katie Webster
Katie Webster
Excellent instructor!
Judi Brannigan
Judi Brannigan
He’s the best!

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